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Welcome to my Greyhawk Adventures! wiki page! Here you’ll find all the information you need to create a character from the realms of Oerth.

Our campaign begins in the year 589 CY. The so-called Greyhawk Wars ended just 5 years ago, though lingering tensions certainly remain. In 586, some of these tensions spilled into open warfare in the Great Kingdom as Ivid V’s absence led to internal power struggles that caused the downfall of the great empire of the Oeridians. Furyondy’s King Belvor III regained land lost to Iuz during the Wars.

The Flanaess today stands within the portal of a dynamic new age. The last decade has seen the destruction and arrival of dozens of kingdoms. Refugee migrations have spread legends and beliefs far and wide. Today the common person of the Flanaess encounters a greater intermingling of cultures than at any time since the great migrations. With this tremendous upheaval comes opportunity for great profit and gallantry. The Flanaess is rife with adventure, and awaits those who would shape its future.

The World of Greyhawk Adventures!
House Rules Character options for the Campaign.
The World of Greyhawk The realms of the Flanaess.
Faiths and Pantheons The gods of Oerth.
Folk of the Flanaess Information about playing the standard races of the Flanaess.


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