Castle Sulafrait

Located in the buffer zone between the Domain of Greyhawk and the Orcish Empire of the Pomarj, Castle Sulafrait has a long history of occupation and conflict. It has been used as a haven for robber-barons and bands of humanoids, and has recently seen many changes of ownership.

The Cockatrice Riders of Pascorel and the orcs of the Pomarj have clashed many times. Their most well-known battle was fought over control of the Castle. Occupied by orcs since 584 CY, in Patchwall 585 the Cockatrice Riders assaulted the fortress slaying around 60 orcs and driving the remainder out.

In turn, though, the Cockatrice Riders were forced out by a larger, better led band of orcs attacking under cover of a thunderstorm (but not before they plundered much loot from the castle).

Reoccupied by humanoids, the castle then suffered a raid by 70 Safeton militia aided by 40 Hardby Marines (whose ship needed repairs in Safeton’s docks). The humans drove out the humanoids (slaying half of them), and also inflicted major structural damage to the walls. However, recent reports suggest that a force of humanoids once again occupies the castle, and the game of occupation-raid-retreat-occupation is set to start anew.

Castle Sulafrait

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