Nabbit Lusterfitz

A pesky gnome found in the dungeons of Castle Sulafrait.


Nabbit is searching for his sister Brinx. She was kidnapped by a tribe of goblins known as Dust Diggers over a month ago. He followed her familiar to Castle Sulafrait until it was killed and he was captured. He managed to ingratiate himself with his captors, and when he was given to the castellan he retained much of his freedom.

He’s learned that the Dust Diggers were attacked and destroyed by Sabina’s orcs, and a few of them were taken captive. He thinks one in the other cell knows where his sister is, but he can’t get any solid leads. His sister isn’t in the other cell, and he’s beginning to lose hope.

Nabbit obeys the orcs and Ghost Knights out of fear he will be killed. For now he performs any tasks necessary, and when he has time he comes down to question the goblin in the other cell.

Nabbit Lusterfitz

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